Orestis was born in Athens, Greece (1980).
His first musical experiences were with metal, gothic,
dark-wave and hardcore sounds.
Early in 2004, he started to produce his own music style,
trademarked by deep atmospheric influences,
strong percussive elements, spectacles sounds,
and attention to the progression of the sonic story.
Orestis compositions are inspired by the universal flow
of our daily feelings and experiences.

• In September of 2010, he releases his debut album "Recursive Consciousness" on Tantrumm Records.
• In 2011 until 2020, he was involved as a co-founder of the collective music network Sonic Loom Music.
• From 2015 he started to work with musical compositions and arrangements for theatrical plays.
• In February 2016, he releases his second album (with collaborations)
Orestis & Friends - “Group Therapy" on Sonic Loom Music.
• Nowadays he is working on the new upcoming albums,
OrePhonia, Orestis Solo, and ZikOre album.

Orestis had participated in the following projects:
Alitia with Stranger.
OrePhonia with Romolo Cheri aka Polyphonia (R.I.P.)
Ravenous Minds with Madness Increazzed.
ZikOre with Zik.

Also, he has collaborated with many artists like:
Ajja, Arjuna, Band Crash, Dark Elf, Darkshire, Datakult, Dejan,
Dementia, Digitalist, Drury Nevil, Farebi Jalebi, Frantic Noise,
Glossolalia, JellyHeadz, Kasatka, Kerosene Club, Kindzadza,
Kashyyyk, Kokobloko, Lab, Megalopsy, Mind Distortion System,
Nektarios, Noise Gust, Ogun, Osom, Pantomiman, Paul Karma,
Petran, Psykovsky, Pandoras Box, Quadraphonic, Sator Arepo,
Sonik Scizzor, Tromo, Will O Wisp, Zigurat, and Vlastur.